Workshops 4 Good

Empowering NGOs and communities with Workshops 4 Good

Bloom Idea doesn’t just help multinationals solve their most pressing problems. We have a project called Workshops 4 Good that helps NGO, non-profits and charities with custom workshops. We currently work with multiple charities in the developing world to create customisable workshops that help their efforts in a big way.

Maasai women's market sales workshop 4 good

Idea Bloom and Tumaini ONG took an amazing trip to Kenya where we did a workshop that helped Maasai women sell their hand-crafted products. A big thanks to Mónica Herreras Martínez the founder of Tumaini and Cara Girls Rescue Centre.

Kenya Workshop 4 Good

Workshops 4 Good outcomes

In this Workshop 4 Good the Maasai women learnt how to tell a story around their products and communicate their value. They also learnt how to interact with their customers in a friendly manner that helped them choose the best product for them. Because of the lessons learnt in this workshop the women increased sales and profit.

Although this was only a short 2 hour workshop we really felt it made a difference. Even if the participants can’t remember all the techniques taught in the workshop it can spark an interest in improving their business and sales tactics. Hopefully the participants have been encouraged to to think differently about how they go about selling their products and take pride in their business.

If you’d like to know more about Workshops 4 Good and how we can help you please feel free to contact us. We’re always looking for new ways in which we can help those most in need around the world. We love to travel and we’re not scare of an adventure!

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