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Improve your digital products with UX workshops

UX workshops are a quick way to create ideas that are ready to move forward to development. They can resolve problems that usually take weeks of discussion and meetings, compressing weeks of work into a few hours. The result? A clear set of actions.

Don’t invest months trying to figure it out alone. Invest just a few hours with us and we’ll work it out together.

Our UX workshops

The business model canvas workshop is a fantastic way to help you understand a business or organisation in a simple and structured way. This workshop will generate insights about your customers, what value propositions are offered through what channels, and how your organisation makes money.

In the Value Proposition Canvas Workshop we’ll create a framework that helps ensure a product or service is positioned around what the customer actually values and needs. It’s best done when an existing product needs rethinking or when a new product is being developed from scratch.

In this workshop you’ll create a rough prototype that we can test with users. Over the course of the day you’ll take into account the business and users needs, and then define the main problem areas using How Might We questions. Once the main problems have been identified, we’ll brainstorm ideas and choose one to prototype.

In this workshop you’ll learn about the main components of a landing page and how they help conversions. We’ll collaboratively create content for each section and provide feedback for each design.

A user persona is a tool that creates a character of your target audience to help you make better design decisions. User personas helps develop empathy for the demographic that you want to use your product. This workshop is a great way to encourage your stakeholders to prioritise user needs over solutions.

In this workshop we’ll produce a visual representation of how your customer interacts with your company. It’s a useful tool for everyone in your organisation to look at the product from the user’s point of view and can be a key part in user experience design.

Keeping in mind the participants’ backgrounds and expertise, this workshop will build consensus on what features to create and prioritise. We’ll identify which features give the biggest bang for buck while being moderated by an expert in that field.

After the UX workshops

You will get a full summary and action points which can be used when you work with a Brand & UX agency. You can use this to contract our sister UX and Brand agency or you’re free to contract who ever you like.

Success story

We helped one of Africa’s leading money transfer companies better understand their audience and rebuild their platform

UX workshop outcomes

  • An easier to use backend interface that saved time and money
  • More agile ways of working
  • A better understanding of their audience through user interviews and testing
  • True focus on the value the company gives its customers
  • A product that has been tested with real users before going to market
UX Workshop

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