Brand workshops

Get clarity with a brand workshop

Workshops are a quick way to create ideas that are ready to move forward to development. They can resolve problems that usually take weeks of discussion and meetings, compressing weeks of work into a few hours. The result? A clear set of actions.

Don’t invest months trying to figure it out alone. Invest just a few hours with us and we’ll work it out together.

Our brand workshops

The perfect way to create a solid base for all your brand communications and business decisions. We’ll uncover what the core personality and traits of your brand are. 

Create a set of messages that will connect with your audience and communicate the real benefit of your product or service.

Create 3 distinct visual directions for your brand based on your brand values and audience needs.

We’ll create a framework that ensures a product or service is positioned around what the customer actually values and needs. It’s best done when an existing product needs rethinking or when a new product is being developed from scratch.

A user persona is a tool that creates a character of your target audience to help you make better design decisions. User personas helps develop empathy for the demographic that you want to use your product. This workshop is a great way to encourage your stakeholders to prioritise t user needs over solutions. 

In this workshop we’ll define your brand values that are the beliefs that you, as a company, stand for. They serve as a guide for all your actions, behaviour, and decision-making process. 

After the workshops

You will get a full summary and actions points which can be used when you work with a Brand & UX agency.

Success story

A brand workshop that helped define the vision for a medical start-up


  • A set of values to guide all their work
  • A new name that better connects with their audience
  • A visual online and print direction
  • A clear way of working with external agencies
Brand Workshop Deliverables

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