About us

We believe workshops are one of the best tools to solve important problems in the least amount of time possible

Our workshops are all about solving important problems by helping you see the bigger picture and goals. We bring together the people, processes and technologies that produce great results. Every workshop is led by an expert who will guide you through each session and open your mind to new possibilities, ways of working and solutions.

Who we work with

✳︎ Founders

✳︎ C-Suite Leaders

✳︎ Innovation Teams

✳︎ Senior Managers

✳︎ Brand Teams

✳︎ Marketing Teams

✳︎ Universities

We’re a remote agency that has a passion for travel. We love doing in-person workshops and are fully adapted for online workshops for shorter sessions

Our experts love facilitating face to face workshops but we understand that’s not always possible. That’s why we’re just as comfortable and equipped to work online. 

Idea Bloom's founder

James has over 20 years of international experience working for major brands and design agencies in London, Europe, Latin America and Africa. He started his career designing 12” record sleeves for a Manchester record label and later transitioned to direct art campaigns for Virgin and later provided UX design expertise for startups in Buenos Aires. He now lives in Madrid, where he founded Idea Bloom and its sister brand & UX agency, Bridge Studio. James is also a UX and brand design teacher at Instituto Diseño Europeo (IED Madrid) and has various online courses on the invite only platform Domestika. He likes to stroll with his dog Tir, a tasty tapa with his caña and takes his tea black with one sugar

James Eccleston Domestika

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